Our team's greatest strength

lies in our ability to adapt.

about us

We are a team of interdisciplinary creatives. We have diverse backgrounds but work well together. The digital landscape is always changing but we enjoy the new challenges every day brings. We work hard to stay up to date, grow in our industry and pay attention to the details so you can feel confident that we will help you succeed.


Marketing Strategy & Business Development

Kat started her career in the military. She is a passionate leader and believes in the dreams of others. Kat has a natural talent for all things business backed by over ten years of training, education and hands on experience.


Advertising &
Graphic Design

Caro has double the talent with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and  Graphic Design. She is passionate about illustrations, branding and colorful palettes. Caro is extremely detail-oriented which shines through in everything she does.


Content Creation &

Social Media Management

Mari has an extensive background in customer experience and communication specifically through social media. She is all about aesthetics which shines through in her passion for photography and creating beautiful content.


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