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Client Feature: Hernandez Joshi Law

Hernandez Joshi Law is a client-focused firm specializing in tax law and estate planning. Because these matters can be intimidating and unpleasant, it was important to focus on their brand values of accessibility, empowerment, and experience. Their firm is committed to providing personalized and compassionate counsel, and we wanted their branding to reflect that.

Their logo combines the H and J of the attorney’s last names, in a style reminiscent

of a sword, which suggests strength and capability.

Hernandez Joshi Logo

Law firms have a fairly traditional color palette of blues or blacks and golds. We chose colors that were different from competitors but still reflected stability and reliability. The rich green feels safe, trustworthy, and grounded. Tan, instead of a bright white, keeps the palette welcoming.

Hernandez Joshi Color Palette

The team at Hernandez Joshi usually gains clients through word of mouth and referrals, so establishing a strong digital presence to attract more clients was a focus. We built a website that is sleek, straightforward, and free of any filler so that potential clients can quickly understand their values and services, then contact the attorneys directly without complication.

Hernandez Joshi Website

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