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Keep It Fresh: Avoiding Clichés in Your Copy

In a world bombarded with information and content, it has become increasingly challenging to captivate and engage audiences. One key strategy that can set your brand apart and make your message resonate is avoiding clichés in copywriting. Cliché-free copy is essential for a company hoping to create a lasting impression.

Clichés are overused phrases or expressions that have lost their impact due to excessive repetition. (Think “love at first sight, when life gives you lemons, light at the end of the tunnel,” etc) They often rely on familiar phrases or expressions that have lost their impact. While they may seem like convenient shortcuts, cliches can actually hinder effective communication. By relying on clichés, copywriting becomes generic and unoriginal, and fails to capture the attention of your audience. Originality is key to standing out and making a memorable impression.

Clichés also tend to be emotionally flat. They lack the power to evoke strong emotions or create a connection with your readers. Consider this: if a friend describing her vacation said she had “the time of her life,” it would be difficult to parse her meaning. The phrase is so overused that it’s become nearly meaningless. Instead, she could say “Our trip was relaxing and adventurous! We repelled from a waterfall and enjoyed the spa,” which would offer a clearer picture. By using fresh language and creative expressions, you can tap into your audience's emotions and establish a deeper connection.

Don’t forget about your brand personality! Every brand has its own unique voice and clichés rarely align with specific brand identities because they lack individuality. Developing a distinctive tone in your copy helps to create a consistent and memorable brand image.

Here are some examples of clichés:

Think big

When life gives you lemons

Out of the blue

Work hard, play hard

Light at the end of the tunnel

Like a breath of fresh air

Love at first sight

Here at Concrete and Palm, we offer copywriting that is vibrant, fresh, and aligns with your brand voice. Contact us today to learn how we can refresh your copy to properly represent who you are and what you offer.


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