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Social Media Management Bundle



We’re releasing the exact tools we’ve used and perfected over the last two years because we understand the importance of marketing your business effectively. If you’re not ready for professional marketing services, our bundle allows for the next best thing.


The 2024 Content Planner is organized by month. Select your content type and platform from the built in drop down menus. We’ve included all major holidays and a bonus tab containing a comprehensive list of 2024 social media holidays. The approval column allows you to note when content has been created and scheduled, so nothing will fall through the cracks.


The Analytics Tracker helps you track your analytics across multiple platforms in one user-friendly document. It tracks monthly data while also allowing you to compare both quarterly and annual performance. 


Written by expert copywriter Anna Claire Hodge, the Caption Writing Guide offers a wealth of tips and examples to elevate your content with engaging captions. As AI proliferates, the human touch is crucial to help you authentically engage with your audience. Take your captions from bland to bold!


Canva puts the power of great design in your hands! The Canva Brand Kit Guide allows you to navigate and master this design tool to create branded content that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. 


Disclaimer: The Social Media Marketing Bundle is not for commercial use. If you are a social media manager interested in purchasing the bundle please email for more information.


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