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We seek the perfect balance of creativity and strategy to effectively elevate brands to the next level.

About Us

We are a branding and marketing agency serving growing entrepreneurs and businesses.

Kathryn Bynum
queer woman veteran owned

Behind the Brand

Kat launched Concrete & Palm in 2021, with the vision of building a marketing agency that challenges every aspect of the industry. A veteran of the Marine Corps, Kat has a natural talent for all things business, backed by over 12 years of training, education, and hands-on experience. She leads a talented and growing team of women that helps passionate business owners and brands share their stories with the world. She is committed to deepening her knowledge of this ever-changing field, most recently with a Certificate in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy from the Harvard Extension School.

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How We Work

We are full-service + brand focused + strategy driven.

We are in the business of building long term partnerships. When you work with us, we become your in-house marketing team.

Relationship Oriented

We believe in the power of a strong brand. Everything we do ties back to building your brand and ultimately your business.

Brand Focused

We are here to take things off your list. When it comes to your business needs we are your first resource for solutions.

Concierge Experience

Meet The Team

Leah Agler


Anna Claire Joshi


Haley  Saget


Kelsey Diggins


Jessica Elian


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